5 Hiking Trails to Take on This Autumn

5 Hiking Trails to Take on This Autumn

If you are looking for active getaway, September and October are the best months to explore hiking trails all over the world. In the Northern Hemisphere the tourist season and the summer heat are over and in the Southern Hemisphere springtime warms up the land. Here are our 5 favourite hiking trails for the autumn.


1. Fitz Roy Trek, Argentina

An alternative to the more famous, and more crowded Torres del Paine, Monte Fitz Roy is the stunning centre piece of National Park Los Glaciares. Especially in October, the Patagonian climate becomes less harsh, but the glaciers remain, so you can see ice and snow before anyone else back home does. This is a challenging, but rewarding trek.


2. The Long Trail, Vermont, USA

This is the oldest long distance hiking trail in the US. The whole stretch goes on for 273 miles, but you can easily split it up in one- or multi-day trips. And in the autumn we’ve got 2 words for you: coloured leaves. A sea of yellow, orange and red makes nature in all of the north-eastern states even more spectacular than it already is.


3. Mount Toubkal, Morocco

Morocco is scorching hot in the summer, but when September comes around, the weather gets much more enjoyable. Mount Toubkal is the highest mountain of the Atlas. It is not far removed from Marrakech and is inhabited by the native Berbers, which makes climbing the mountain manageable for everyone. Take 3 days, 2 if you’re an experienced climber.


4. Zhangjiajie, Hunan, China

In September the climate is just right in China. The Summer monsoon is over and the nights are still pleasant. Zhangjiajie in the southern province of Hunan is known for its amazing stone pillars, which inspired the makers of the movie Avatar for their fantasy-world. For those who dare: A giant glass bridge connects two of the pillars.


5. West Highland Way, Scotland

Of course, September can still be quite alright at home. The path starts just north of Glasgow and then makes it's way into Highlands, with Ben Nevis, the highest point in the UK, at its finish. The whole 96 mile way takes about a week to hike and, oh yeah, why not take the Hogwarts Express train on the way back?

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