A/W18 - What To Wear

21 Oct 2018
A/W18 - What To Wear

London, Paris, Milan. In October we look to the world’s most famous catwalks to find out what we will be wearing next spring and summer. But how about this autumn and winter that have crept upon us again? Here are the five trends to keep in mind when you're raiding the shops for layers and the best Jimbags to go with them. 


1. Animal prints

Stripes are on the way out, unless they are zebra stripes. Influenced by #MeToo, women are showing how dangerous they can be. Ladies, get your leopard catsuits out, cause this autumn is going to be wild! 

L to R: Balenciaga, Jimbag Snakeskin Washbag, Bottega Veneta


2. Hiking Gear

Maybe it’s the snowstorms from last winter, but men are geared to deal with anything this winter. Expect loads of designer hiking boots and overcoats to tackle the cold in style.

L to R: Ermenegildo Zegna, Jimbag Orange Backpack, Christopher Raeburn


3. Traditional check patterns

This season also sees a return to the warm and cosy classics: checks, tartans and tweed dominated the runways for both men and women. Combine different layers of cardigans, coats and capes for maximum effect.


L to R: Wooyoungmi, Jimbag Navy & Tweed Barrel, Lemaire


4. Leather and brown

Strong independent women, freezing temperatures, classic materials. Combine that and you get leather. Men can also join in on this one, as long as they are wearing brown, which is undeniably going to be the colour of this autumn season.

L to R: Rochas, Jimbag Chocolate Holdall, Giorgio Armani


5. Metallic colours

What’s stronger than leather armour? Metal armour, of course! If you want to show that you’re definitely not one to be messed with, you’ll have a whole range of silver and metallic clothing at your disposal.

L to R: Paco Rabanne, Jimbag Grey Duffle, Christian Dior

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