Christmas Gift Guides for Every Single One of Your Fitness Buddies

18 Dec 2017
Christmas Gift Guides for Every Single One of Your Fitness Buddies

The fitness lifestyle is so much more than having a gym membership these days. It’s what you wear, your mentality and eating good wholesome foods instead of just living off smoothies. Exercise comes in all shapes and forms and we’re constantly finding new exciting ways to keep active. People aren’t just ‘gym bunnies’ anymore, they are CrossFitter’s, yogi’s, foodies, and you’ve most likely got one of each on in your friendship circle! So, spoil each one rotten this Christmas with these fitness fanatical gifts!


The Foodie


Anyone who is passionate about fitness knows that nutrition is equally important. In a time when macros are counted more often than the numbers on the food bill, it can be tricky to figure out what’s ACTUALLY good for you compared to what you’re TOLD is good for you. NutriBullet is a staple appliance in any foodie’s kitchen cupboard. The NutriBullet Rx Blender Soup Maker is the most technically advanced NutriBullet to date, the NutriBullet Rx will help you optimise your health and spice up your diet plan.



The Runner


Being bound to the treadmill at this time of year is not much fun for runners. Waiting for race season is even longer than a minute on the treadmill (and we all know they are the longest minutes in history, even longer than a microwave minute!). Boost their motivation this festive season with this inspiring book by former fitness-phobe Lisa Jackson. The ultra-marathon runner talks not only about the race to the finish line, but everyone you meet on the way. Buy 'Your Pace or Mine?' here



The Yogi


Over the last few years, yoga and mindfulness have become a principal part of many day to day schedules. People have begun to realise exercise is for the mind and soul, not just the body. Keep the zen flowing through your friendship group by treating them to these Three Essential Oils by Edens Garden. The three oils included in the Yoga set offer something unique. Use Meditation to help you focus during a new pose. Add a few drops of Quiet Time when you need to block out everything around you. Beyond its bright and soothing aroma, Cleaning can eliminate unwanted smells while working as a natural antibacterial and antifungal agent. Perfect!




The CrossFitter

Everyone has a friend who is part of a CrossFit cult. The first rule of CrossFit is ‘always talk about CrossFit!’ and so, of course, treating your buddy to anything related to this high-intensity training is going to score you some serious brownie points. Treat your CrossFitter to these Reebok Legacy Lifters, a powerlifting shoe that breathes, and will almost guarantee to score them new PB’s in 2018. 




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