Dubzy: What's in your Jimbag?

24 Jul 2018


To celebrate the launch of our Translucent bag’s we’re finding out exactly what is in our Jimbag Family’s wash bags. In a world that’s constantly changing, transparency is key, and with these funky plastic bags taking over the fashion industry there’s no better time than now for it to be socially acceptable to have a quick sneak peek at what people carry in their bags. 


Recording artist Dubzy has recently been making huge moves in the music industry, our new ambassador has given us his top 5 things he always carries with him in his Jimbag, and not only that, but the top destinations he’s heading to with his bag as well.


5 things Dubzy always has in his Jimbag



Not to name drop, but Hugo boss preferably.


Bottle of water

I’m always on the move - gotta stay hydrated all day as I travel a lot 


Spare kit

Whether it’s gym clothes or a spare outfit, I need to stay fresh for interviews, radio show’s and so on. Carrying a change of clothes is essential.


A book

Always good to keep the mind hydrated too. I’m reading Paulo Coelho’s “The Alchemist” at the moment – check it out!



I tend to carry quite a few pairs of sunglasses with me! Don’t know why I’m so obsessed but whatever the weather I’ll have my cazal’s with me, ha! 


5 places I take the Jimbag


The gym

Of course!


Recording studio

I feel more comfortable knowing I’ve got my gear whenever I need. My Jimbag is great for this.


Family Trips

Gotta get that Jimbag out for the all-important trips to see family, we all live at opposite ends of the country so it's a great bag for commuting. 



I am on radio every week and I’m bound to need something while I’m there – so my Jimbag is coming with me.


Public appearances

Gotta get that Jimbag out for interviews, press days etc. The colour and style goes with my swag so it’s only right! 



Follow Dubzy on Instagram @dubzysnazz 


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