Dubzy X Jimbag

17 Jul 2018
Dubzy X Jimbag



We have a new member of the Jimbag family. Recording artist Dubzy has recently been making huge moves in the music industry and we are proud for him to now be an official brand ambassador and show us all his #JimbagStyle.



Raised in the UK, Jesse James, known by most as Dubzy, is an innovatively talented recording artist. Having begun producing beats at aged 12 via the PlayStation game “Music 2000”, a savoured experience on the video game led Dubzy to focus on honing his skills as a musician throughout his teens. Constantly surrounded by creatives ever since has led to his mastering of rapping.


Having made his mark as Red Bull’s Grime-a-side Champion with an entire 200,000votes from the public, Tim Westwood’s “Crib Sessions” and the infamous “Fire in the Booth” showcase became feature spots for Dubzy. Charlie Sloth even went as far as co-signing him as one of his top 3 MC’s to watch live on air.



Never slowing down, the eccentric musician shifted his focus to fashion in an aim to leave behind a lifestyle of crime and bad habits that he struggled to shake o in his early musical career. After creating GQ’s first-to-be- featured headwear brand, “SnazzBacks”, opportunities arose such as becoming the face of “FootAsylum” as well as cameos in a number of TV shows including Net ix’s adaptation of Guy Ritchie’s “Snatch” soon followed.The Television work inspired Dubzy to also pursue a career in acting, lading hima leading role in Channel4’s “No Offence” and as a guest this summer on “The Big Narstie Show”, also on Channel 4.


Dubzy realised transmuting his powerful energies back into music would be the only and right option,


“I knew that if I could achieve so much away from music, my first love, I could come back to her and take over. That’s the plan.”


Having made his businesses a success,his ‘Real Dream’ of being a Star Urban musician is taking form. Moving with the Grime-Soul style he’s found to express himself, Dubzy is rapidly taking the scene by storm.



Always more interestedin writing his own life’sscript than just following expectation, Dubzy’s new EP “12:38”, acts as a statement of intent. The young trend- setter’s masterful writing style, delivery and assertive creative vision are unparalleled and in time, iconic.


Check out our blog next week for a sneak peek at what our brand ambassador keeps in his Jimbag. In the meantime, follow Dubzy on social media:


Instagram: @dubzysnazz

Twitter: @dubzysnazz





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