Give Yourself Lasting Motivation

20 Nov 2017
Give Yourself Lasting Motivation

We all have that feeling on a Monday morning when nothing sounds better than staying in bed! Here’s our top tips to turn that feeling around and have you jumping out of bed ready for a great week ahead, every week.

Make your goals achievable; By setting realistic goals that in turn are achievable, and when we achieve something, how good do we feel!? Exactly!!  Setting unrealistic goals that wont be achieved will put us in a negative mindset and make you feel like a failure. We’ve all been there, and its not a nice place to be.

Enjoy yourself; Let’s be honest, if you don’t enjoy your current workout..your not going to keep doing it! Work out with a friend, change your routine…running on a treadmill for 40 minutes, 5 times a week is never going to be fun, try HIIT workouts, spinning, bodyweight circuits, there loads of fun options out there. Try them all, don’t let the gym become a chore and mix things up.

Focus on your performance; Instead of being obsessed with the ‘thigh gap’ why don’t you focus on something which will help you make healthy lifestyle choices and the rest will follow. You will care more about being strong, lean and healthy than trying to look like unrealistic pictures you see on social media! Its all about you – set a goal which is achievable for you..for example, why don’t you sign up for a 10k run, or being able to do unassisted pull ups. As you see and feel yourself getting stronger and fitter the motivation will come naturally.

Making healthy changes to your lifestyle is a journey you’re in for the long term. You will have the odd bad day or week, but as long as your lifetime goals are still the same, you will get there. You will inspire people as well as inspiring yourself. As long as you are keeping active and making healthy lifestyle choices on a daily basis, everything else will fall into place.

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