Jimbag in Germany

17 Jul 2018
Jimbag in Germany


Jimbag is continuing to flourish across Europe with our ties in Germany growing stronger and stronger by the day. We are now stocking in yet another successful department store renowned as the countries largest provider of British lifestyle products - The British Shop


The independent family business has been supplying the German market with the best and most quality items from the UK and Ireland for over 20 years now, with the likes of Barbour, Fred Perry, Hackett and Hunters all being listed as one of the highly regarded brands that the stockist feature in their catalogues and their famous shop in Meckenheim, Germany. 


Pro Idee

This great news has come after the huge success of our brand launching in other German stockiest Pro Idee. Jimbag is currently in its third season featuring in this foreign concept store with order numbers in their thousands, and we are currently in the process of sending out our sixth order across seas to the German market as our sales continue to grow.



Our third stockiest, and most impressive to date, is Zalando - who are waiting on the new releases from our heritage collection to be announced before they launch our brand across their platforms. Zalando holds Europe's largest selection of clothing, accessories and shoes online, mixing popular British High Street brands with high-end designers and fresh, independent labels. Therefore, holding back on the launch of Jimbag in Zalando will ensure we have the strongest presence online with even more products available so that we can present our brand to its full potential to the European audience. 



Our presence in Germany has brought about other business ventures such as a collaboration with a leading mobile marketing attribution analytics company, Appsflyer. To assist with the launch of their new regional office in Berlin, Jimbag supplied employees with dual branded Jimbags. The new Berlin office joins AppsFlyer's other locations in Tel Aviv, Bangkok, Beijing, Seoul, Tokyo, Bangalore, San Francisco, New York and London to give AppsFlyer ten offices worldwide.


The expansion comes during a time of extreme growth for the company, which tracked more than $4 billion in media ad spend during 2015, grew from 40 to 150 employees, and measures 200 billion mobile events every month. Therefore, having the opportunity to collaborate with a likeminded highly aspirational business was great for the Jimbag brand and we are proud to be associated with such a fast expanding organisation. 

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