Jimbag Take Over Germany

18 Jan 2018
Jimbag Take Over Germany



Whether you’re in the gym, the office, the coffee shop or on the street, Jimbags are appearing in more and more locations and with the demand for the bags increasing day by day, and Germany are showing more and more interest in the brand.



2018 will see a growing relationship with our overseas clients, with our main projects being launching our products in Zalando and attending one of the most important buying events in Europe’s fashion calendar: Fashion Trade Mission Dussledorf.


Germany is the largest market in the EU and the leading European country for fashion sales with over €64.5 billion in sector turnover and 20% of Europe’s fashion market share, so we are extremely excited to be expanding in this area.



Our most recent news is securing a place online at Zalando - a European electronic commerce company seated in Berlin. The company maintains a cross-platform online store that sells shoes, clothing and other fashion items. The company was founded in Germany in 2008, and since has begun operating in fourteen European countries and worldwide with spin-offs and subsidiary companies. The stockist loved Jimbag and is launching 40 different products online in the Spring – a huge quantity compared to the average of 10 products they usually launch for small brands.



About Zalando:



We’re the ones with the orange triangle. From the beginning, we've been all about High Street to High End brands - bringing them together, all in one place. We have Europe’s largest selection of clothing, accessories and shoes online, mixing popular British High Street brands with high end designers and fresh, independent labels.



We want to make shopping online safe and simple for you. For us that means OVER 1,500 BRANDS - FROM HIGH STREET TO HIGH END



We're proud to showcase Europe's largest selection of clothing, shoes and accessories online. Shop High Street to High End with over 1,500 of your favourite brands for men, women, kids and every occasion imaginable.




About Fashion Trade Mission:  



This three-day exhibition at a centrally located showroom is an ideal opportunity for delegates to present their collections to key industry players and some of Germany’s leading e-marketplaces as part of Düsseldorf’s bi-annual fashion trade event, which draws buyers from all over Germany to its two major tradeshows, 800+ permanent showrooms and high profile industry events. The event begins in Berlin and ends in Dussledorf, and it is said that this location is usually where the majority of deals are made, so we are optimistic about this event being a success.



We will also be able to meet and hear from e-buyers on how to access the German market via online channels. Despite the three-day trade show being in Germany, it branches out to other European countries such as Denmark and Sweden.



This will also mean the creating of a new Jimbag German website, making the shopping experience more efficient for our customers overseas. Our business in Germany is currently based in Zalando but we are hoping to sell as much in Germany as we do in the UK this year with more stockiest pending.



Owner of Jimbag, Anthony Bingham, said:


'The Jimbag brand has gone down a storm mainly due to the British heritage of the brand, and we are super excited to expand further over the coming year and continue to grow the Jimbag Family!'  


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