Jimbag X Oliver James Associates  

10 Jul 2018
Jimbag X Oliver James Associates  


Jimbag has had the pleasure of providing global recruitment partner Oliver James Associates with Jimbag's embellished with their branding on to provide their employees with a stylish personal bag that can meet their every-day needs whilst still maintaining their professional image.


With employees in Manchester, London and Amsterdam already kitted out with a custom made Jimbag, the international business is now planning to provide offices further afield with our bags - with plans to give the New York brand the same accessory to style their workwear whilst still proudly representing Oliver James Associates wherever they go. 


Just like Jimbag, Oliver James Associates know just how essential it is to incorporate a healthy lifestyle into your work life. Managing Director James Rogers promotes an active workforce by allowing an extra half hour on top of the lunch breaks to anyone who partakes in physical activity, such as fitting in a quick gym session or heading out for a run. Being able to boast an alternative health benefit to working for a company draws in healthy competitive and driven personalities with the same drive and same attitudes and ensures high and positive energy levels are persistent - essential for sustaining a successful business like Oliver James Associates. 


This is why the partnership between Jimbag and Oliver James works so well - with work colleagues maintaining the same lifestyle as our active target market, we have been able to supply their workforce with styles that are great to transition from the office to the gym and everywhere in between. Jimbag blurs the line between work and play, and transitions them both together. With a 'Jimbag' you can have both. We all crave simple solutions that make our busy lifestyle easier with the least amount of fuss, and we are happy to provide Oliver James Associates with just that. 


Owner of Jimbag, Anthony Bingham, said: 


'I am happy to have created a strong and long-lasting relationship with Oliver James. Their employees are the perfect demographic to represent our brand and fall into our target market perfectly. It is great to see our bags being worn in the manner which we designed them to be - offering a stylish accessory that is suitable for both the work life and an active day to day routine. Being associated with such a highly renowned international business can only be seen as a huge achievement for the Jimbag brand and we are excited to provide more bags for even more of their offices overseas in the near future.'


About Oliver James

'Established in 2002, Oliver James Associates is a global recruitment partner with specialist teams in the Financial Services, Professional Services, and Commerce & Industry sectors. Our values of innovation, passion, adaptability, partnership, respect and excellence underpin the working practices we adopt across 12 offices worldwide. These behaviours are showcased by expert consultants who place up to C-suite level talent in permanent and interim positions through both contingency and executive search solutions. The key to this service is our proactive search methodology; before we start working in a particular area, we spend a minimum of 12 months mapping the market. This ensures thorough knowledge of the talent pool, excellence in delivery and long-term value - all part of our commitment to building lasting relationships.'

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