Melody Kane: What's in your Jimbag?

Melody Kane: What's in your Jimbag?

To celebrate the launch of our Translucent bags, we're finding out exactly what is in our Jimbag Family's wash bags. In a world that's constantly changing, transparency is key, and with these funky plastic bags taking over the fashion industry there's no better time than now for it to be socially acceptable to have a quick sneak peek at what people carry in their bags.  

BBC Radio 1Xtra DJ and our new ambassador Melody Kane has given us her top 5 things she always carries with her in her Jimbag. Being a fitness fanatic alongside DJ'ing means that Melody's lifestyle is go go go. So, these essentials keep her in check when she's out and about and on the move. 

Skipping Rope

I travel a lot and I'm always conscious of getting in some sort of training every day so my skipping rope come everywhere with me whether I'm in the UK or abroad.

Baby Wipes

They are magic. They get rid of any stain on clothes and shoes, clean your face and hands, freshen up your whole body after training. I never leave the house without baby wipes.

A Book

At the moment I'm reading GRIME KIDS by DJ Target ... The weather is so amazing atm that whenever I get a spare moment between meetings and training and music I'll find a quiet spot outside and feed my mind with a good book.

Organic Moringa Seeds

Since becoming Vegan 4 years ago I discovered the joy of Moringa Seeds. They are incredible for giving you energy and keeping you alert they are high in fibre, iron and vitamin c plus they reduce blood sugar levels and have been proven to kill cancer cells.

Organic Coconut Oil

Great for so many things ... I keep my lips plump with it plus it's an amazing hair and skin moisturiser and it's great for your mouth and teeth (Google oil pull with coconut oil).


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