Top 10 Funniest Reactions From World Cup England v. Colombia Result

Top 10 Funniest Reactions From World Cup England v. Colombia Result

1. Ross Kemp's reaction on Twitter - Watch it here

The Eastenders star left us in creases (and slightly terrified) after he posted his reaction on Twitter. 

As the match approached penalties, the 53 year old tweeted: ‘We don’t give in ever’ – but it was his post-match expolsive reaction that really has left a lasting image stuck in our heads, where it will stay forever and ever until the end of time.

The public reactions were equally as amusing: 


2. Crowd Reactions

The local pub's will have some cleaning up to do today after these reactions 


Credit: BroadcastExchange 

3. David Baddiels tweet 


4. 21st Century reaction 

One Twitter football fanatic @Mr_JamesRose sent his heart rate through the roof


5. James Rodriguez

A heartbroken James Rodriguez tweeted a picture of himself crying in reaction to the match... awwwww.


6. It was real Gary! 

7. The ITV Studio went wild

Credit: ITV / MrBeanyMan


8. Celebrities filmed their reactions on their phones

Credit: TheSun 


9. The BBC Newsroom

It even interupped a live broadcast - watch here 



10. Kyle Walkers reaction to his failed celebration attempt

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