The Team

Anthony Bingham - Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer and Owner of Jimbag Anthony Bingham has had a long history in the fitness industry and has played semi-professional or professional sport throughout his whole life. The popular Manchester Personal Trainer has built up an impressive list of clients since starting his career at PureGym in 2011, more recently expanding into the private sector working with a range of high profile clientele to achieve and exceed their fitness goals. The PT come Rugby Sevens professional has recently returned from the Gold Coast after representing Jamaica at the Commonwealth Games at Rugby Sevens, as well as the Hong Kong World Series in 2017.

Previously, he has played sports including professional American Football in Germany, rugby league in Sydney,  Australia and received a sports scholarship to play college soccer in Florida, USA. His wide experience in the sport, fitness, health and nutrition sectors mean that he has become an expert in his field. Ant’s gained an impressive range of knowledge in every area ready to push you to the limits physically and mentally and assist you on your journey to a healthier and fitter you at the Jimbag Retreat.


Niki Charnock - Nutritionist / Yogi / Sports Rehabilitator  

Niki has specialised in back pain for over 15 years. Mainly working on posture correction, muscles imbalances and reactions through combining deep tissue sports massage, mobilizations, myofascial release and kinesio taping. Complimenting these clinical treatments with land and water based rehab programs incorporating pilates and yoga. All her treatments are very hands-on, making stale, restricted areas mobile once more, and injecting energy and vitality back into the body once again!

During these sessions she will educate you on where the root causes of your problems lie, how to strengthen weakened areas and open areas with limited range to create balance. Niki has been associated with Manchester United FC, Sale Sharks, England Rugby and British Swimming. One of Niki’s specialisms is Gut Healing to improve the absorption of nutrients, strengthen immunity,  brain health and reduce chronic pain.